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Keywords: Asian, Dinner, Lunch, Sushi, Thai
Gourmet restaurant with delicious dishes of Japanese, Chinese and Thai cuisine.  Perfectly located, between 5th Avenue and the sea.  Open every day and has a Mexican and international wine cellar.... Read more

Constituyentes and 1st Avenue
77710 Playa del Carmen
Phone: +52 984 877 2900
Website: http://www.realresorts.com

Keywords: Asian, Lunch, Noodles, Thai
Babe's Noodles & Bar
Babe's Noodles and Bar, established in 2000, is a Swedish owned Restaurant and Bar with speciality Thai noodles and an Asian European kitchen. The bar makes the best mojitos, blueberry daiquiris, margaritas, smoothies and juices. Everthing is freshly prepared at the time you order.  Babe's is located in the center of town, just off Playa's famous 5th Avenue, and is open daily for lunch and dinner. Combined with delicious eats, the funky decor featuring pin-up girls and barbie dolls, as well as personal attention from the owners, this is a dining experience you won't want to miss!... Read more

10th Street between 5th and 10th Avenue
77710 Playa del Carmen
Phone: +52 984 879 3569
Website: http://www.babesnoodlesandbar.com

Cuisine: Asian, Thai

Keywords: Dinner, Lunch, Sushi
Nikkori Japanese Cuisine
Japanese Restaurant and Sushi bar... Read more

10th Avenue and 32nd Street
77710 Playa del Carmen
Phone: 984 803 1736
Website: http://www.nikkoriplaya.com/

Cuisine: Asian, Japanese, Sushi